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Don't you ever wondered how the so-called Duel Monster World that we only got a few clues and stories actually is? How this patchwork of many influences, cultures and even worlds can be coexisting?

This game is trying to get this answer. You know the Yu-Gi-Oh! License via the manga and anime series, the card games. Now, I plan to set an actual Tabletop RPG on it, on the world that we discovered through the several stories of this wonderful franchise.

NB : This is a fan project for now; Neither Konami nor Kazuki Takahashi, Studio Dice (for the manga), Studio Gallop and Tokyo TV (for the anime) are involved in it... yet?


Yugioh! Adventures - Duel World (Worldbuilding Jam - 0.0.1 version).pdf 16 MB

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