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The development began the 20th of December at 16:00 to 17:48, then stopped until 20:00 to finish around 22:00, thus respecting the 3-hours development rule.

What if your good ol' harvest game was... graphicless? You didn't expect it to be a command terminal, did you?

In this game, you have to make different varieties of tea to please your customers (mostly resellers),  that seek a precise variety. Screw it up and face the consequences! (One does not mess with tea).

The command list (also available in game via the command !help) :

  • harvest [--option] : Harvest leaves
    • --fine : collect the bud and the 2 nearest leaves only
    • --imperial : collect the bud and the nearest leaf only
  • dry [--option] : sèche les feuilles (option required)
    • --sun : sèche les feuilles au soleil, donnant ainsi du thé blanc
    • --stir : sèche les feuilles en les grillant, stoppant l’oxydation
  • steam : fait subir aux feuilles un bain de vapeur
  • stock [--option] : stocke les feuilles
    • --compact : stock leaves in a tea cake.
    • --cloth : stock leaves under a cloth
  • wait [--option] : wait (option required) 
    • --turn [number] : wait for X turns
    • --ferment : wait until the tea is fermented
  • submit : deliver your tea to the client
  • status : displays the current tea’s status.
  • !help : list every command to run your tea garden

A game made by BEsharkounet (development) and Denise LQ (Game Design). 

PS : Check the sources for the easter egg, it may be useful if you screw up in-game.


Ocha Harvester (Windows).zip 11 MB
Ocha Harvester (Linux).zip 13 MB
Ocha Harvester (Source Code).zip 137 kB


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