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(There will be a post-jam version soon eventually).

Nothing's really black or white in our world. Some are more aware of the urge to save the planet and some doesn't care at all, but most people do both positive and negative things. In this game's world, things are the same, but there is a world consciousness that watches people and punish them for their unpleasant actions.


But this consciousness can be good or evil, and in order to win, you'll have to convince this world's population (by blasting them or their nearest cells) to reduce pollution to 0% or increase pollution to 100%. Seeds and Coal is harvested so you can create building; trees and rocks have an influence to their actions, pine and mines speeds up harvesting and houses and tents generates more NPCs.

In this anti-management game, you can be a savior or a destroyer!


  • Move the camera: moving mouse or zqsd keys
  • Blast cell: mouse left click
  • Turn on / off building menu: mouse middle click
  • Select building (while the menu is turned on): 1 to 6 keys
  • Cancel building selection: mouse right click
  • Game menu: Esc key


  • Game Design: Shinko “himeshinko” Kagenami
  • Game development: Batou
  • Soundtrack composition: Jenny Punky (she also did the cursor)
  • Existing graphic and sound assets:
    • Medieval RTS by Kenney (link) (modified)
    • 8-bit / 16-bit Sound Effects (x25) Pack by JDWasabi (link)
    • Five Free Pixels Explosion by unTied Games (link)
    • [Pocket GUI]- for pixel mobile games by Plastic Vibes (link)

Install instructions

The Linux version can be glitched and using the Windows version with Wine don't display the font used. We recommend you to play the browser version if you don't use Windows. The MacOS version wasn't tested.


Jam(Windows).rar 22 MB
Jam(Linux).rar 22 MB
Jam(Mac).app.rar 22 MB


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It's an interesting concept and a pretty cool theme. I found it quite difficult to understand what to do - It would be good to have a clear in-game tutorial. I like the music and audio!

The IG tutorial would have been too long to make for the jam. But for an actual project, it would be a really good idea. Thanks for the feedback!