For some reason, you have to pop the bubbles on screen but be careful to avoid the poisoned ones!

How to play?

Just click on the bubbles. That's it!


Denise LQ: Game Design, Sound Design

Jenny Punky: Graphic Design

RocketRager: Developpeur, Game Design / Graphics helper

NB: Some assets are royalty-free (the BGM loop - although altered - for instance).

Updated 23 days ago
AuthorsDenise LQ, JennyPunky, devRocket
Made withConstruct
TagsArcade, minigames


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Love the art style, and it's strangely soothing just clicking the bubbles and listening to them pop. I could imagine playing this for way too long on a phone/tablet :)

It was the way we designed it! Glad it conveyed our wishes!


17400 points, nice game!

Neat! \o/ Congrats!


Good game.



Having the bubbles give more points when they merge would've been cool. Nice game nonetheless

Nope, the idea has already been thought and the fusion mechanics makes the player loose points (indirectly) on purpose. The game was made easy on purpose so we had to think about being challenging nonetheless.